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Parent's Responsibility

Parents have a responsibility to take care of their children, but unfortunately, there are times where one or both parents neglect to provide that proper care. There are laws in the state of Texas that define child neglect, provide a system for reporting neglect, and detail the state’s responsibilities in child neglect cases. Learn how you can protect a child you think might have been or is currently being neglected.

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Responsibility For A Child

Guardians, individual parents, household members, grandparents, and foster parents are all considered under Texas’ child neglect laws. To be specific, a child in the state of Texas is an individual younger than the age of 18 who is neither married nor emancipated. There are special considerations under state law regarding child neglect that pertain to specific ages, situations, and exclusions, such as those regarding child abandonment and teachers.

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Types of neglect

Texas has different degrees of neglect. One such degree is leaving a child in a situation in which there is the potential for mental or physical anguish. Another definition of neglect is either failing to remove a child from or placing a child in dire circumstances. Parents and legal guardians also need to provide children with proper medical care, food, shelter, and clothing to avoid being suspected or accused of neglecting a child's basic necessities for a normal and safe life.

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Reporting Child Neglect

Anyone in the state of Texas who feels a child might have been abandoned or is being neglected by a parent or guardian is lawfully bound to report it. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services offers a toll-free number citizens can call to report child neglect. Depending on the situation, it might be necessary to contact a family law Fort Worth legal representative to safeguard at-risk children and keep them from the arms of danger.

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A Child Deserves to be safe

Every child deserves a safe home and a protective environment. A child might not understand that he or she has been neglected or lives in a harmful home environment, making it imperative that you keep your eyes open for potential signs. Use your judgment and remember that there are people available who would love to take care of a child who has been neglected or abandoned.